Monday, December 2, 2013

Plants Update

Well, my time sitting Daisy's plants has come to an end.

And they're still alive!!!

I promise!!!

The basil got these precious little white flowers. Daisy tells me this means they're going to seed - success!

Daisy came to pick the plants up just before Thanksgiving, which was great. She also brought some sweet gifts from Japan!

Woo hoo!

Mmmm... that's right. Washi tape! I know washi tape is super in among bloggers and crafters alike. You might not believe me, but I'd actually never purchased or used washi tape. Daisy was kind enough to give me quite the starter collection! And the stack in the middle, with the blue folk art tape on the bottom, is actually all designed by Bengt and Lotta, Swedish designers whose work I recognized immediately. She knows me so well! I kept the plants alive and got some sweet new craft supplies. A win all around!

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