Monday, December 30, 2013

My Merry Christmas

As Christmas begins to fade into the rear view mirror, I thought I'd take a moment to tell you that mine was lovely. There was a lot of craziness leading up to it - stay tuned for a post about that soon. But, by the time the day arrived, it was awesome. 

I was at the Marvelous house - where my parents live - beginning on Christmas Eve afternoon. We had a particularly yummy lunch, went to the movies, and got home tired and not hungry at all. I wrapped some of the remaining presents and soon after, tucked myself in! On Christmas morning, we slept in and then Mom made trail mix first thing. After that, we all helped to put together our traditional casserole and began opening our presents while it baked. 

One of the gifts I got from Mom was this little elf. Alone, he might seem a bit strange, but he isn''t when you consider the context! 

These three creatures (or sets of creatures, really) are previous gifts from Mom. Each Christmas when I was in college, we had a Christmas party in the dorms where the parents were instructed to send a gift from home. Each of the years, except the year I was abroad, Mom participated in this activity with a new soft Christmas decoration. Now the trio has become a foursome! 

Mom also presented me with this cute ornament - I especially love the asymmetrical star shape! 

She also picked out this winner for me - I'm so impressed with the painting!

I was also lucky enough to receive this pile of other lovely presents. I've got plenty to listen to, lots to watch, and even more to read. And who wants meatballs as we ring in the New Year? Me!!! 

This was also under the tree - an elf called Lucia! I actually picked her out for myself during a recent trip to St. Olaf - where else can you find an elf celebrating a Swedish holiday? (Yeah, she's like the St. Lucia from the books about Kirsten, the American Girl doll). She, too, makes more sense in context...

She's a perfect companion for the elf I already had, Kari, who is actually not just on display at Christmas time! With all of that said, for now, I'll wish you a Merry Christmas on behalf of myself and all of the elves!

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