Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A little more Japan...

So, you read last week about how Daisy returned from her trip of a lifetime to Japan. She brought me some very cool things, most of which you've already seen. She was impressed I did such a good job as a plant-sitter ;) One thing she chose was a pink bandanna-type cloth. I decided to frame it!

I picked up this 20x20 Ribba frame at Ikea. Since the cloth was 19 and 3/4 inches, it fits like it was just about perfect.
I decided to use some of my new washi tape to dress up the frame. I had an idea what it would look like while it was on the roll, but I ripped off these small samples and stuck them to the white cardboard to get a better sense of what they would look like against a solid white background.

I wound up choosing a tape designed by Bengt & Lotta. I wonder if the day will come when it doesn't bring a smile to my face to know that I have washi tape sold in Japan and designed in Sweden. It's certainly not here yet!

Here it is. Folk art tape, Japanese graphic ginkgo design. Pinkness. Perfection.

So, on to the before. A bedroom with a pink and green theme.

And here's the after. It's still pink and green with a new graphic element. Yeah!

It's so fun to have this new graphic, colorful image making things a little more exciting. Thanks a bunch, Daisy!


  1. DUDE. That looks FANTASTIC. I am impressed.

    The cloth is called a furoshiki, and can be used in many different ways. But this one looks great in your place as wall art.

    If you're wondering at all, the Japanese writing on the washi tape packaging says "Yodobashi Camera" - an electronics chain, in the sense that Amazon is a bookseller. Those were purchased at the Akihabara location in Tokyo.