Thursday, May 2, 2013

That special day...

On Saturday, because it was my birthday, I decided to make an effort to really do whatever. No stress about picking up or doing other projects around the house, no worries about being on a tight schedule to run errands or meet up with friends during the day. It worked out perfectly! Here's a little snap shot of what I did during the day!

I had an adorable pink left-over donut for breakfast! (Quick hint: it was a Paleo hiatus in honor of the big day of doing whatever!)

I took some time and painted my fingernails. I suppose that's not really all that special, but since it requires sitting still for about an hour to do the case coat, two colored coats and the top coat, and to let it dry without getting smudged, it feels a little like the ultimate lazy activity. Check!

I dropped in to everyone's favorite pizzeria and picked up something very special to enjoy for lunch!

On my way there, I made a quick stop to look for some lipstick. These colors are a little more orangey than I had expected, but it was a fun treat to make a cosmetics run. Since I never know whether I'm going to like what I pick (and usually wind up hating it...) I try to limit the spending. But, with no holds barred, I came home with two things to try!

Then, I scooted on home and enjoyed my awesome Baked Potato Pizza from Pizza Luce while watching Thursday night's episode of Scandal. This was basically the ultimate indulgence. Scandal is currently one of my very favorite shows on TV - one where I really want to know what's happening each week. And the Baked Potato Pizza... Well, I suppose if there were an award for the least Paleo food ever, this would win. It combines potatoes and grains, a pretty unusual combination, with the only meat being little bacon bits. Since it's from Pizza Luce and they make their stuff with pretty good ingredients, I know its real bacon, but still - it's pretty much the opposite of Paleo!

After a relaxing day, I got ready and headed off to my birthday party, which I'll be recapping for you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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