Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chrome it all out

Okay guys, I know that I told you it was my birthday and then I disappeared. I have the world's whiniest excuse: Blogger ate my homework! Alright, I suppose that's not entirely true. But, I'd like to say for the record that I've made three attempts at preparing a post for you about my birthday celebrations, and not once could I upload a photo! So much awesome stuff happened for my birthday, I couldn't imagine sharing it with you without any photos.

After updating Firefox, and Flash Player and still finding that I just couldn't upload a picture, I started getting antsy. I did some manic Googling to see if others were having trouble with Blogger. Consensus? Some people were. There were some vague promises from the Googlemonster about the prospect of fixing the problems which were reported with both Internet Explorer and Firefox (my fave). The immediate work around?


Eek. So, I downloaded Chrome and I was honestly kind of hoping that it wouldn't work. But, it did. So, this is the first in what will undoubtedly be a series of posts written from Chrome. So far, it's okay, but it's no Firefox. And the idea of me being forced to "Chrome it all out" makes me think of one of my favorite country songs. The song is "Put A Girl In It" by Brooks and Dunn. And the second line of the song is, "Chrome it all out, Jack it way up." It's referring to a pick-up truck, though I hope that the result of "chroming" out my blog isn't that it turns out to be jacked way up!

I'll leave you with this music video as we get back to our regularly scheduled program. Check back for a birthday post in the morning!

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