Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I know that Memorial Day is dedicated to the memories of fallen troops, and I'm humbled by the sacrifice made by brave soldiers and their families. Around these parts, its also the unofficial beginning of summer. Last year, I went up north and really got started on my summer. I spent time outside hanging out and doing projects, and feeling like it was too hot - that's summer for me!

This year, I was invited back for the same "spend a weekend at your old summer camp" trip, but I decided not to go. It's normal for me to spend my first couple of days at camp with a whopper of a headache: I'm running all over the place, working hard, feeling dehydrated and sleeping poorly because I'm re-acclimating to a new bed and the sounds of loons crying and leaves rustling in the wind. I worked at camp for years and it was always like that. For last year's trip, when I went for just two days, I didn't start feeling like myself until it was time to leave! I was very nervous that, if I felt as icky as I did last time, I'd be terrified I was having a serious issue and land in the emergency room - at least 200 miles from my team of doctors. (I know this fear is just barely rational. Hopefully rationality will prevail again sometime in the future...). I decided it made the most sense for me to miss the fun and stay at home, not pushing myself too hard. It worked! I had a nice time and didn't go to the ER!

I mostly did indoor activities, some of which will be chronicled here on the blog later this week. But, I did squeeze in a little bit of outside time at one of my favorite places to get outdoors here in the Twin Cities. Specifically, in fair St. Paul, Capitol of the Minne!
After spending the afternoon hanging out in Highland Park with Daisy, I made a quick stop at Hidden Falls Regional Park. It's located just off Mississippi River Boulevard just north of Fort Snelling. So what's this? It's the Mississippi River!

 So, this is looking north. Check out that foam! I also probably should have shot a video of the river, because it was moving more swiftly than usual. I guess the foam might have accentuated that, but either way, it was quite something.

And this is looking south. There wasn't any boat traffic while I was there, which is also a bit unusual. But, I guess it makes sense that no one wanted to be out in the 60 degree weather. Just imagine that you're experiencing the total tranquility of watching the river slide by. The quiet around you is broken only by the occasional chiming of the light rail, which is behind the trees on the other side of the water in the distance.
 Look at those tree roots! Weirdness. It seemed to me that the water was higher than usual, but I've also never remarked on those balled-up tree roots before, so I guess I can't tell whether the water was high or not.
And here's some company - I wish I'd gotten a zoomed-in shot of these guys. A moment after I shot this, they took off, headed north. I decided that was my cue and headed west. Summer has officially begun!

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