Friday, May 31, 2013

Chop Chop

One thing that I asked for as a birthday gift, and which I was lucky enough to receive, was this little monster! 
This is a KitchenAid 3.5 cup chopper - a little bitty food processor. Until about a month ago, I didn't have a food processor. For a long time, I'd never even considered making a recipe that required the use of a food processor. But, it seems like there are lots of interesting ideas that are Paleo-friendly that pretty much require it. So, with my new food processor in hand, I got cooking! 

First up: Mashed Cauliflower! 
I'm very lazy, so I bought this package of previously-cut cauliflower and steamed it according to the package instructions. Then, I dumped about half the bag in the chopper and went to work. This chopped has two buttons: chop and puree. I started with the chop button, but eventually switched to the puree button. After things were looking smooth, I added some olive oil and seasoning. On my first go around, I used garlic salt. It tasted great when I ate the cauliflower right away but it didn't taste as good after it had been refrigerated and reheated. The next time, I used Mrs. Dash, which held up better! 
Here we are! I have been able to make that one steamed bag into two substantial servings. This is one serving - the chopper is small enough that I'll wind up running only half the cauliflower through at once. While I suppose this doubles the time I spend on the chopping, it doesn't take more than a minute or two. And this chopper, because its so small, easily sits on the counter and is simple to clean and assemble. I wouldn't trade it for a bigger one. 
Here they are, just waiting for meat! 

Next up: Fudge Babies! 
The good stuff is in the bowl - dates, cocoa powder and walnuts! If you're looking for the recipe, click here. I made the recipe by basically dividing the quantities in half. From my point of view, the precise ratio isn't essential, so halving "one and a third cups" wasn't actually the mind-bender it could have been. 

YUM! Pie-shaped fudge babies for the win. It's been a total chop fest here Chez Minnie lately. I hope you're making something good to eat too! 

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