Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back in service - sort of!

So, for reasons I don't entirely understand myself, I can't help but write here about my little experience with elevator service in my apartment building. Earlier this year, we learned that the elevator was going to need to be replaced. While it was undergoing work, it was going to be closed for 4-5 weeks. For me, this was actually a great boost to be more active as part of my efforts to be healthier.

As you read here, I was a little bit disappointed it looked so tame while they were working on it. I had to share with you that, of course, it did get worse!


But, the good news is that soon it got better - WAY better! 

I spent some time on Sunday afternoon waiting for the elevator while I was carrying my laundry down to the car.
And there's the shiny new instrument panel with a digital display. Sweet! I was lucky enough to get into the elevator without any fellow passengers - though I still felt like a HUGE dork taking this photo to share this awesomeness with all of you guys.

Why do I insist on posting about the elevator? I'll admit that it's partly because I'm trying to hold myself accountable. It's been so convenient to have the elevator, especially when I was moving in. I also use it when carrying something clumsy because I'm a little nervous about falling down the stairs. It was pretty cool yesterday to ride in it while carrying a 25 pound laundry basket. But, it became too easy to use it to be lazy, though, which is something I'm trying desperately to control. So, you saw the inside of the elevator (as I also did) - but it's going to be a long time before we see it again!

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