Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday this weekend. Mine was lovely!

I spent time with friends and family, and some time by myself trying to soak up the freshly warmed up weather here in Minnesota. I've been able to leave my jacket at home and scoot off to run errands and have fun with the windows down. Yay!

I also received a gift of a dozen hard-boiled eggs from Ginny, Harry and their three little kiddos. I love these! Check out the color-blocked ones - pink and blue on the left; orange, yellow and blue on the right. And who doesn't love those polka dots in the middle? I'll be enjoying these charming eggs all week long while enjoying my (paleo) breakfasts!

I don't have an April Fools' Day joke or prank to share with you. Hope someone else in your life does!

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