Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is it too late on Thursday...

to write a post about what I was doing last weekend? If it is, please skip over this tiny corner of the internet and move right ahead, because that's about all I have on tap for you today!

Last weekend was pretty cool: it was a long one! I had an outpatient, diagnostic surgical procedure last Wednesday. Recovery is pretty easy but it requires A LOT of rest. Sitting in a desk chair is a stress position for the recovery - by that I mean, it hurts and even once it stops hurting, it makes recovery move more slowly. So, I took Thursday and Friday off work to spend the time laying around the house. And so I did!

I enjoyed this tiny bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs that I scored a couple of weeks ago during a post-Easter sale at Target for 50 cents. I decided to include my cell phone in the photo to give you a sense of the scale. No they weren't Paleo, but yes, there was only one single-serving bag. I spent most of the day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the couch enjoying the offerings on Hulu Plus and Netflix. And these candies were the icing on the cake!

I also spent the weekend digesting the sad news that the coffee shop directly across the street from my apartment building would be closing. I guess it was released early last week that certain Caribou Coffee outlets would be closing - 2 of which were in Minneapolis, and 1 of those is seriously located directly across the street from my apartment.

On Monday, in addition to hearing the grim news from Boston, I came home and found this:
Got to love that "brown-paper-bag" window covering look...

And who used to be the top tenant? Yeah, that's right.

While I was in high school, I used to hang out at Caribou Coffee with my gang of besties (Ginny, Magnolia, Daisy, and more). When I went off to college, Northfield had just gotten its own Caribou and I used to escape there with my roomies about once a week by the time we were seniors. In grad school, I was at Caribou at least once a week, taking a break from studying at home or in the library. All of these establishments are still hanging in there, brewing up yummy drinks in a cozy atmosphere. I admit it: as I've transitioned to supporting myself, I've cut back on trips to Caribou. But, I'll still miss my 'Bou right across the street!

And now we get to the good part about doing a weekend-in-review post on a Thursday: the new weekend is just about here! Hooray! Hope it's a good one!

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