Tuesday, September 18, 2012

World Market

When I was setting up house at my first apartment, one of my favorite shopping destinations was World Market. I sometimes picked up different kinds of "international" foods, but I mostly found art and pieces of dishware that were just a little bit different than what you might find elsewhere. I also ALWAYS had World Market on my shopping agenda around Christmas time because they have unique things like Pier One at much lower prices.

 In 2009, World Market decided to close all of its stores in Minnesota, I guess because of the flagging economy. Recently, we got some VERY good news! World Market reopened in at least two of its former spaces in Minnesota on Thursday, September 13. Woo hoo! Thankfully, I had a few free minutes after work on Thursday and I was able to make a trip to World Market to celebrate the grand reopening. Here are some of the interesting things they had for sale!

 Check out these mug sets. I'm not usually that excited about sets like these because the mugs aren't enormous enough for my coffee-guzzling tastes. I might just have to make an exception for this one that shows the Eiffel Tower. That's so COOL!

 Mmmmm - LOVE this textile collection! It might be a little hard to see from this photo, but the potholder says on one side "Keep Calm" and the other side "Bake On." I think both phrases are on the same side of the dishtowel. So cute!

 As always, they have awesome and distinctive patterns. Curtains, pillows, and an arm chair!

 I also took a wander through the bathroom accessory department. These jars don't match my style, but they are so beautiful. This photo doesn't really do them justice. If you're looking for something blue and green, this is it!

 They also have lots of unique gift wrap stuff along with greeting cards! These little felt owl baskets/bags are so precious!

 They also have this awesome selection of multi-colored take-out boxes. I'm thinking of getting some to use as packaging for pieces of jewelry, though they're not exactly the right shape. Maybe I should start making candy and distributing it in these adorable containers!

I also saw these sweet little picture frames and paperweights. Notice the Keep Calm and Carry On paper weight? Nice!

 While I waited in line, I noticed this nice big collection of statement art pieces. While I don't have a huge piece from here, hopefully I'll get one someday.

 Here it is, back to its former glory. YEAH!

 I bought a couple of things, including these yummy sweets...

 and this charming little carved elephant. I had an awesome outing to World Market and I can't wait to go back!

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