Friday, September 21, 2012


As you might remember, I became obsessed with the ABC television show GCB earlier this year when I decided to subscribe to HuluPlus.
This TV program cracks me up! The only bad news is that ABC decided not to renew it for another season - BOOO!!! I love that this show is kind of like "Mean Girls" (one of my favorite movies EVER!) but set in Texas and featuring adult women. I hate to admit that I think most women never really grow out of their girl-world personalities from high school. But, I really think that's part of what makes Chick Lit and Chick TV (ie Sex and the City and Lipstick Jungle) so entertaining.

Several weeks ago, I decided I wanted to read the book. I requested it from the library and it just came!

I loved everything about this book! I have to admit it was a little easier to imagine all of the book's characters after having watched the television show. However, there were quite a few significant differences between the book and the show. There were two that really stood out: in the TV show, basically all of the women are the same age. In the book, there are two different generations of women and it's interesting to watch the power dynamic between these two groups. In the book, the only one of the women who is a parent is the main character, Amanda Vaughn, played by Leslie Bibb in the TV program. So, on TV, I guess we do see two generations: one in its 40s, the other in high school. But, for the most part, in the book, the children are younger and there's much less emphasis on their social dynamic among themselves.

The book's storyline was really somewhat different than the general plot arc in the first season on TV. I was pleasantly surprised by the degree to which the book's plot hung together and told one interesting, cohesive story that had a beginning, middle and end. While the TV show's plot was interesting too, I definitely enjoyed the chance to sit down and take a little journey into the world of Hillside Park, Texas. I hope you'll consider taking a trip there too! Whether on the screen or the page, I think it will come to life and you'll enjoy it a bunch!

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