Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Charmed Life

I know that trends in necklaces these days are mostly big "statement" pieces. While they're totally cool, I also love wearing plain chain necklaces with one small charm. They're comfortable and can be made to work with any neckline. Not long ago, I found this on clearance. Score!
It wasn't until I got home and ripped open the package that I realized this is actually ONE necklace. YIKES! Not only is it too short, with mixed metals (not my style!), the two strands seem to be constantly tangled with the charms spinning the wrong way. But look how adorable the charms are!
That's when I realized it was time to bust out the jewelry tools and supplies to see if I might improve things!
I cut the gold chain off the silver chain. I realized the gold chain was too short, so my only choice was to buy a spool at the craft store. In the picture above, I'm cutting it to the appropriate size using the silver feather necklace, which is one I know fits just right.
Here's the finished gold necklace. Because the clasp on the conjoined necklace was silver, I had to buy a gold (-colored) clasp to finish this off. I bought the thinnest chain I could find. Unfortunately, it's a little thicker than the chain on the conjoined necklace, but I think it works. Love this little elephant!
And now it's even the right length!

Next up was the silver necklace. The process was basically the same, again using the feather necklace as a guide to the length of the chain, because the chain from the conjoined necklace was also too short. The only part that was different was that I decided to reuse the clasp and extender chain that were part of the conjoined necklace. After a couple of snips with my wire cutters, they were free from the old necklace and I was able to attach them to the new one.
Here it is! Another necklace that's long enough to be comfortable and look nice with my clothing.

And here are the two finished products, successfully separated!

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