Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Father Time and more

One of the best parts of Duluth is the chance to pay a visit to Father Time Antiques. Score - it was within walking distance of the hotel! Mom was a trooper and went with me... TWICE!

This is probably my very favorite antique shop ever! It's a huge space, well lit and air-conditioned, with lots of different exhibitors and plenty of space in the aisles. It's comfortable, there's all different kinds of stuff, and it's a great way to spend time on vacation!

Check out these gold bamboo chairs!

I almost bought this little retro timer, but it wasn't meant to be.

Check out this sign! My little apartment would never accommodate it, but it's so cool. This is just a small sampling of all the neat wares that were everywhere.

This sign was also cool, as were all of the hats in the foreground. Seriously! If you need a Fascinator, head to Father Time!

Love this little (sort of) blue willow coffee jar, and I just HAD to get a photo of the Dazey Churn. Who wants to make butter?

I bought a couple of pieces of jewelry that need rehabbing, which I'll show you once I have a chance to do it. I also bought this little jem!
I don't know anything about how old this pot is. It's almost miniature in size and might actually be from a child's set. The pattern is a little juvenile, though it's also much more traditional than most of the patterns I like. I have a small collection of red and white tea pots and kettles, and I decided to bring this one home to add to it.

We also did some other shopping in Canal Park. I got some materials for another project, which I'll tell you more about later. But there are three more things you've got to see!
 Check out these darling earrings! I was excited about them because they're made from a jewelry technique that I don't know how to do. I also think they're great for work. Yes!
This close up of the beads shows just how neat they are!

I also picked up this little handmade scrubber. It's crocheted netting that can be used to clean almost anything, according to the label. The very best part is that it can go in the dishwasher when it needs cleaning. Super easy.

I found this cute teapot at a kitchen shop and I knew I had to have it. They look a little bit like flowers, though I also think they look like Chinese umbrellas, seen from the top. I suppose it doesn't make a difference. I love it anyway!

Stay tuned for more sightseeing pictures tomorrow!

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