Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hey guys! Sorry I missed you yesterday. As a government employee, I had the day off work on Monday in honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. (That's his whole title, and the name of a street in St. Paul. One time, I addressed, by hand, a number of letters to an address on that street - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Yikes! Though, if anyone is worth such a name, he's it.) So, anyways, my weekend is just wrapping up this morning.

Not very much exciting was happening here at the Marvelous Apartment:
Well, okay, this was happening. And I was pretty excited about it - finally putting the Christmas decorations away. Everyone else has already done so, but I hung in there until I just couldn't take it anymore.

This gave me the opportunity to "redecorate" my living room. What I mean by that is, I have so much stuff out usually, and so much other stuff I want to put out for Christmas, that I actually have to put quite a bit of the regular stuff away to make room for the Christmas stuff. And so, January looks like this:

 And this...

 And this...
As much as I'm proud that I have a "collection," I'm not crazy about the random, piled approach in the pics above. So, I spent some time over the weekend getting things back in order. I should have some updated photos soon, since I'm also working on some new projects to add into the mix.

The other excitement, though, is that I rediscovered something!
That's right, you've seen these before, actually twice. I must have put these away in preparation for Christmas in 2012. Then, in my haste to get my life back together in early 2013, I must not have removed them from the Christmas bins.

So now, here the are, back in position. They spent 2013 at rehab or on sabbatical or whatever. It doesn't matter - they're back now! And I love them so much, it's like I just found some brand new decor!

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