Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Crafted Ornaments, the Sequel

You guys have already heard me squawking on about making homemade Christmas ornaments. I did it on three separate occasions this year, and I have a little follow up for you!

So, you've probably already seen my difficulties filling bulbs with paint. I attributed this originally to the use of glitter paint. That's definitely still a no-go. Shortly after that disaster, I was at JoAnn's when Marigold and Bluebell were in town. We picked up these sweet little plastic bulbs, shaped like Christmas lights.

(You might recall reading a little about the rest of this project here.) Despite the fact that, just days before, I'd actually thrown my previous attempt at this into the garbage, I was not deterred.

We even bought some totally adorable dixie cups for the occasion!

So, here are all of the plastic bulbs bearing a beautiful coat of paint. Looks pretty good, right? For now.

And then it dries, and this happens.

Don't forget about this. SAD!

These ornaments still had good sides, but I was unbelievably disappointed. I decided to persevere, because I just thought to myself, "How can the internet be wrong?"

After another coat, or in the case of the pink one, three, I got these:
They're just as I'd hoped they would be. They're hanging on the tree and looking awesome!

I also have a quick follow-up to an ornament I mentioned in Monday's post regarding the crazed days just before the big day. I had a bit of an Elmer's glue malfunction, so my ornament looked like this:
(excuse the fuzziness of this image - I cropped it out of a different pic you've already seen). So yeah, this is embarrassing. But, since the holidays have started to subside, I've had a chance to settle in with my Elmer's and get thing squared away!

Now the pom-poms finally look like garland - it's just as I dreamed it would be!

Okay, with that crafty follow-up, I think we're ready to be done with the Christmas posts. (Well, pretty much - I bet another one will sneak in here somewhere). In any case, though, it's time to move forward. Onward to the New Year!

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