Friday, January 31, 2014

The balance

I often have a little bit of an etiquette dilemma when a friend is having a baby. I'm at the life stage where I have plenty of friends who are parents, but only a couple have more than one child. I'm really in the, "We're having our first baby!" moment. It's very exciting, especially because it means there's a baby shower on the horizon. But, I've never been to a baby shower that was held after the baby's birth. I know its important to show up a the shower with a gift in hand - I get it, that's the point. But then, I feel just ridiculous if I go to meet the baby for the first time empty handed. I've done it - seriously weird. Sometimes I'll bring a meal or some other weird token that's really for the parents, but I feel least awkward if I can bring something for the baby. But, I already gave my present at the shower!

So, not too long ago, one of my officemates had her first baby. (Another officemate is expecting right now, due in March with her third. That situation should be way simpler!) I went to her shower, after having made her a mason jar cozy, and I brought her a gift from her registry. Then, several weeks later, her due date arrived and she wasn't at work. And I got the word from her team: she was in labor. Yay!

That evening, I was out with Ginny and we stopped by JoAnn's. (Dangerous, I know). And while there, I found some good stuff:

I bought this fabric kit to make a double layer tied fleece blanket. I thought the planets would be the perfect fit for him as he grows older. I also had no trouble finding a gift bag to match, which was cool!

And, just as they were announcing that the store was about the close, I stumbled upon the charm on the left - the antique gold whale on the copper background. The theme for the nursery had been whales, and I'd really hoped to use a whale print fabric when making the fleece blanket. Unfortunately, that dream could not come true. They only had one whale print fabric at JoAnn when I was shopping. It was a series of white, graphic wales that were tightly patterned together. That part, I really liked. But, the background was the nastiest color of acidic, limey green. It was horrifying. I actually spent some time trying to figure out if perhaps there was a solid that would match it and maybe dial it down a little. Nope. No dice. They didn't have a single solid that even remotely matched. Thanks but no thanks. I will take the planets. So then, when I saw this whale charm, in the $1 bin no less, I knew it was meant to be.

With the findings kit, pictured above on the right, the necklace came together in a snap. I put it in a little box and added it to the bag with the blanket. Off I went to meet the baby for the first time with a perfect gift in hand!

P.S. While making the fleece blanket, I also made a similar fleece blanket for another special baby. My cousin had her second child, a daughter we call Little Susie, nearly a year ago. I haven't seen my cousin since she was pregnant with her first, a now 4 year old son, because she and her family live in Germany. I guess that's my excuse for getting the baby gift across the finish line just before the first birthday. (Also, I timed it right to avoid Christmas traffic at the post office. Whew!) In any case, its so cute, I just had to share!

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