Friday, November 23, 2012


I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving yesterday! I spent mine with my immediate family, hanging out at home, eating, watching the parade and dog show on TV, and relaxing. I know there are lots of families out there who celebrate the end of Thanksgiving with some holiday shopping. Mine is not one of them. However, it is a tradition in the Marvelous family to begin decorating for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving (apparently, now always referred to as Black Friday, a name that bums me out).

Today, as usual, I am with my parents helping them decorate at their house. Usually, after I come back to my apartment, I spend Saturday or Sunday decorating my place for the holiday. Because of my surgical schedule, I had to do this task early this year. But, I decided to save the pictures until today so we can all get in the Christmas spirit together!
 First, I got out the "big" tree. Trust me, I recognize that this tree is pretty darn small. It's maybe 3 feet tall (on a good day), but it's the biggest one I have. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm in a more permanent residence and can get a bigger tree. It's coming, I can feel it! For now, I'm using this good ol' boy, which I've been setting up since my sophomore year of college. It used to belong to my grandma, and she's the one who set up the lights, which are clipped to the branches. It's holding up pretty well for its age!

 Here's the mini tree! This one is more like 2 feet tall. I've had this since my first year of college. While I don't get the chance to set it up every year, it makes the place feel more cheery. I decided I could use a little extra this year, so I went for it.

 Alright, the big tree has been dressed with garland! I don't think I would have chosen this puffy silver garland, but Grandma had it, so I've hung onto it. The tree's so short, one strand does the trick!
And here's the little tree, all decked to the nines. I love the red beaded garland. It's a bit expensive for a full-sized tree - though that might not stop me once I have such a tree - but I think it works just perfectly on this little bitty one. Some of these ornaments used to hang on the miniature tree that I had in my room when I was a kid.
And here's a shot of the big tree, all dressed for the season. I love this Christmas-themed bullseye, which has been part of the collection for a long time. With that, the tree house apartment is ready for the Christmas season!

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