Monday, November 19, 2012

Daisy's Birthday

So, a few weeks ago, I got a wild hair about making a set of wine glass charms for Daisy as a birthday gift. I didn't really know what kind of supplies I would need or how I would go about actually making them. But, given how simple they are, I figured a little google research would do the trick. I was right!

I watched this video, which was very helpful. You'll need 20 gauge wire, your typical array of jewelry making pliers, and whatever beads or charms you want to decorate!

 I figured choosing the charms was going to be the most difficult part, and that was certainly true. It seems like my average bead shopping locations really want to sell you 6, or 12, or more of the same charm. That wasn't going to cut it for my design. Luckily, at Michaels, I found the card above with 6 unique charms. These charms are definitely Daisy's style!

 The alternative to unique charms would have been to have multiple bead colors. Unfortunately, its hard to get quantities much smaller than this - of which I used just a tiny fraction to make 6 charms. I figured these variegated red beads would be a great match with the black charms and would be just right for Daisy!

 Here I am sorting through the beads and loading them onto the ring.

 As is explained more clearly in the video, you cut your wire at an appropriate length (mine was 5") and then wrap it around a circular object to form the ring. The video suggests a 1" dowel. Not having that, I chose the next thing: a pill bottle. The wire needs to be long enough that when it is wrapped around the mold, there is some excess at the ends. You then cross these ends and make the hook end on one side: simply grasp the wire with your round nose pliers and bend it back. The video has an excellent demonstration.

 Here they are all together! I sorted through the variegated beads to make different designs. Unfortunately, they are a little bit difficult to see in these photos. Solid colored beads would probably have worked equally well for this project.
 And here's an example of what you'll find at Daisy's next party!

I decided to pair the charms with a bottle of wine, which I picked up at World Market. While there, I found a miniature, decorative Chinese take-out style box which I thought would be a good home for the charms. 
 I know some people say pink and red clash, but I love them! I hope you do to!

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