Thursday, November 1, 2012

FD: Master Bedroom

So here we are, the final stop on the tour of the Tree House apartment. The master bedroom!

 Here's the main part of the room. Please excuse the icky cords by the window - they've been messy for so long, I've become immune to them I guess.

 Here's a close-up of some of the art, along with my nightstand.

 And here's some more of the art. The two paintings on the wall behind the TV set were painted by a friend of my grandmother's who traveled to China.

 And here's my dresser, where I put on my jewelry every morning.

 I kind of like the "up-high" angle in this shot.

 I kind of like this one with the lamps on, though their light gets kind of blown out.

 Here's the room as seen from the doorway. I think these lights look a little better than the pink lampshades.

 This little decoration was a gift long ago from a very dear friend. I've always hung it on the wall in my room, even in the dorm! I like the lighting and the perspective in this shot.

 Here's the hallway leading to the en suite bathroom. Those large white spaces on the right are my tremendously dull closet doors.

 Here's my little bitty master bathroom.

 Here's the tie rack where I keep most of my necklaces. It's pretty plain jane, but it does the trick. Also, to the right, there's the memo board that contains my favorite quote - bonus points if you can identify the movie it's from!

 Here's the rest of the master bath. Notice anything missing? That's right: it's a half bathroom, with no shower or tub. Weird? Yes, definitely. But, I suppose that the people who designed the apartment understood that if there were two people living here, the one thing they might really want would be a second toilet.

So, there you have it: the completed tour of my apartment. I hope you've enjoyed looking at the pictures. It was definitely a good experience for me to take the pictures and then see them on the computer screen and try to describe them for my friendly readers before I submit my materials to the Small Cool Contest over at Apartment Therapy in 2013. Hopefully this will help me take my best photos and select the right mix!

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