Sunday, January 22, 2012

Daisy's New House

Late last year, I learned that a dear friend of mine, Daisy, was thinking of buying a house. After hearing horror stories about how long it can take would-be buyers to find a house they want, at a price they can afford, and then obtain financing (not to mention saving up a down payment beforehand), I didn't know how quickly Daisy would be able to make her dream come true. While she initially suggested a very reasonable time frame of six months, she actually found the right house, with the right financing, in about 6 weeks. Wow!! She closed just before the end of the year and moved in about 2 weeks later. Not long ago, I got to pay her a visit at her new place.
Naturally, I wanted to bring along a little something special. I had been thinking about it for quite some time and found her this great little collection:

At the back, you'll see the turquoise gift bag. I LOVE turquoise, and I happened to have this one already at home as I was putting the gift together. I think it really works with the orange. I also found the little black and white sign, by Anne Taintor, I think, just the day before my trip to Daisy's. What a treat. It made me laugh, and think of Daisy. It's a little square box that can either hang on the wall or sit upright on a bookshelf or desk. As for the keychain, I had this one in my present stash from a long time ago - intended for Daisy from the start. What better way to celebrate a new house key than to put it on a new keychain? And, in the back, the foaming Wild Honeysuckle Soap from B&BW. Daisy and I share a love of - and maybe a little bit of a compulsion about - their soap. I haven't had foaming stuff at my place, but every time I've tried it elsewhere, I've really enjoyed it.

On the appointed day, I went to Daisy's for my first visit. I'm so proud of her and excited for her as she sets up her new house. She opened the gift and she loved it. Success!

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