Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween! I got in the spirit this past weekend. I had the chance to go to my favorite Halloween party. It's actually hosted by Ginny's parents - they've been hosting this party for as long as I can remember. I think I've been there just about every year since I was in high school. And, of course, all of our childhood friends are invited to attend. Among those who still live in the area, turnout is pretty darn good!

Its a costume party - and I usually wear a costume, but one that's really lame. The party is at night, the weekend before Halloween, and its Minnesota. It's too cold to go crazy!

I started with this. I've had this blaze orange t-shirt since I worked for my uncle in 2009. Pulaski is a client of his, they were giving the shirts away, and somehow I wound up with one. I actually adore it! It's perfect for sleeping when it's chilly.

I decided to take it in a classic direction. I slipped on the inside-out t-shirt over my fleece jacket and I was off...

... but not without my favorite Halloween accessories! It was a wonderful evening filled with friends, laughter, a bonfire and WAY too much candy. I hope yours holds the same!

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