Friday, July 5, 2013

Fresh Flowers

Yeah... not really. I freshened up recently with some flowers. Not actual flowers, but flowers nonetheless.

I have a bulletin board in my bedroom.
It used to look like this. This bulletin was one of the very first pieces of decor I bought when I moved into my first apartment in 2006. I painted the frame white back then and covered the cork with scrapbook paper.

This is a close-up of the paper I chose. I like it, but, after 7 years, I was pretty tired of it.

Recently, while shopping at Patina, I stumbled upon this cute wrapping paper. It was more than I'd usually spend for something to wrap gifts, but for decor? Yes please.
So cute! This paper is actually relatively small scale, even though it doesn't look that way in the photo. Notice on the bottom left that there's a staple. It's just standard sized, so hopefully that gives you a sense of the scale.

In order to remove the light pink paper, I had to remove all of the cards, tickets and other little pieces of art. Once I replaced the backdrop, I replaced a lot of it, removing some stuff and adding other stuff.
Then, all I had to do was slip it back onto its hooks. Easy peasy!
And here's the side angle:
It's a view of some fresh flowers right from my bed!

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