Monday, July 8, 2013


In the last few weeks, I bought 15 new pairs of earrings. I'm always look for small stud earrings to wear to work - they've got to be little since I spend so much time on the phone. Recently, I've been on a bender to add new ones to the collection. 

These simple ones really got the madness started. I'm awfully tempted to wear them every day...

Don't forget the bigger ones! 

And these are so cool! They remind me of the surface of a golf ball. They look round, though they're actually flat! 

Check out these little flowers! With my (mostly black) work wardrobe, they some how look less Goth Princess...
 So here's the full complement of the silver earrings...

Joined by the gold ones as well. 

 And then I started having fun with the camera. Nice work, Canon non-DSLR. You're kicking butt!

 Yay for focusing!

 Finally, the secret to this madness. Yes, these 15 pairs of cute studs that match my work clothes were had at good ol' Walmart for less than $10.00 including tax. I know they're not the most beautiful or highest quality earrings in the world. But, if one pair goes missing or falls apart, no biggie! That's actually how I wound up in this earring buying craze - I'd had a rotation of 10 pairs or so previously that just sort of deteriorated over time. Now, my collection has been refreshed and ready to go!

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