Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spice Pencil Cup

Back in February, I went to Duluth for a long weekend with my friends. I brought home this lovely little package from the antique shop... 

What's inside? 
 Why this, of course! A container of Allspice, bought at the antique store. Sounds yummy, right?

 Okay, so maybe not so yummy.

But, I got very lucky. A few minutes with a pair of pliers easily removed the sliding mechanism that used to fill the hole on the top of the tin. I was able to dump most of the Allspice directly into the trash can, and a quick rinse took care of any lingering dust and odor. I bought the tin with this particular project in mind. They had another one in the same collection that held Celery Salt. I have NO idea what that would be used for, or what it smells like, so I decided to play it safe and go with Allspice. When I opened the tin, I noticed that the smell was pretty weak. If I hold the tin right up to my nose, I get a whiff of it sometimes. In short, my fears of celery salt might have been overblown, but I'm happy with the Allspice!

 I then looked carefully around my apartment until I found the other supply required for this project. Do you know what these are? They're the magnets on the back of magnetic notepads. I always have one hanging on my refrigerator, which I use for making grocery lists. When the paper is gone, all that's left is the magnet. I hung onto these ones just waiting for a chance to put them to good use. It's here!

 I picked off as much of the paper as I could, though I didn't do a perfect job. I then cut the magnets to make sure they were the right size. This is my test run! All that was left was to heat up the glue gun and gob some of it on there.

 After just a few minutes of drying time, I was ready to roll!

It blends in just about perfectly, doesn't it! Keep your eyes peeled for a pretty old spice tin next time you're out antiquing. This project is SO cheap and easy - you could have one of these pencil cups in your kitchen any day now! 

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