Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Slump, part 3

So, what did you think of that orange paper trick? Pretty neat, huh?

Not really. I worked my good ol' Norwex cloths to the bone. But, even though the sample on the red paper had worked out really smoothly, this orange paper was a completely different story. Seriously. I scrubbed and scrubbed. And orange it was.

I decided I needed to change my approach. If you guessed that this blue contraption is one side of a fingernail buffing block, you're right on the money! I decided not to go all the way to sand paper, but I knew we needed something more abrasive to make progress here.

I guess you could characterize this as progress in the wrong direction. Remember how I really wasn't going for the distressed look? I meant it!

Okay. So I was basically back to square one here. I had two canvases that were ruined. I had one orange decal that I didn't need to apply to a canvas to know it wasn't going to work. I decided that I'd been far enough down the road that I must have learned something. I elected to just start back at the beginning, using the technique mentioned on the bottle, along with the Norwex cloths to aid in the paper removal.

I worked on removing the paper during the course of several different days. I knew I'd been sort of impatient to get this project done earlier, since I'd had the birthday party as a dreamed deadline. This was happening at the end of March, so the deadline was long since blown. I deliberately took my time, probably attempting to remove the paper 6 different times, over the course of a couple of weeks.

You have GOT to be kidding me!


I wailed internally for a long time about this. I realized that Omni-Gel and I were done. For good. But, I did find a different way to complete this project. Stay tuned until next time for the conclusion of the Slump story!

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