Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vacay - finally!

Oh man, you guys, I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. I'm not rushing around trying to get my coffee into the travel mug and stuff my feet into my boots. Nope, I'm here at home, in my jammies, just about to cuddle up with a ceramic mug full of coffee while I watch House of Cards and eat breakfast. Why? It's time for vacation! Yay!

Several months ago, I met up with Ginny, Daisy, Clover and Magnolia and we started making a plan. This school year, each of us will have our 30th birthday. (Everyone else's has already come and gone - mine isn't until April.) We decided to mark the occasion by taking a trip. Yay! You might be thinking "all-inclusive in Mexico, right?" Yeah, no. When the realities about money, and about taking vacation days, or time away from life as a stay-at-home mom, set in, a trip across the country was quickly ruled out.
This afternoon, we are headed to Duluth! We were able to rent a house for the weekend! I'm pretty sure we never would've been able to rent this place during the high season - it's on Park Point, and it sounds like you can literally walk to Lake Superior from the yard. That's not going to be super helpful right now, since the very warmest temperature we're likely to see there is 38 degrees. (The following day, it's expected to fall below zero at night). The house has a fireplace, and hopefully it's well insulated, so we'll be cozy! I know it won't look anything like it did when I snapped this photo two summers ago, but hopefully it will be beautiful in a different way.

The last time I went on vacation was in July, 2012. I literally haven't been anywhere since. The destination then was also Duluth - which makes me smile. I'm excited that the day has come when I can take time off work for a break. And I can't wait to go hang out with my friends. I wish I could tell you that I've got some exciting stuff scheduled for the blog while I'm off to relax. Unfortunately, I don't. And I know that when we get back on Sunday, I'll be exhausted and I've got a strong hunch that feeling will stick with me all of next week. That's the mark of a good vacation, isn't it? So, just to be safe, I guess I'll say: See you in March!

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